3 Steps to Creating The Soul Filled Work You Are Meant To Do

It’s possible to do work that you are not only good at and enjoy, but that satisfies that nudge from deep down inside your soul that says, “Oh yeah, this is it. This is what I’m meant to do.  This is my calling in life.

If you’re wondering just how that is possible, then here are three steps to get you started.   As you ask yourself these questions, take some time to write down what comes to mind immediately.  Our rational mind is very good at censoring all the intuitive, juicy bits that bubble up from our deepest, most authentic places.  So work to capture those immediate answers to these questions, rather than self-censoring.  Think of this as a brainstorming session.  No wrong answers.

1.       What are you deeply passionate about? This may be one of the easiest of the three questions, because it’s become quite natural for many of us to focus on the things that matter to us.  This could be something as close to home as your teaching your kids how to become more self-determined and conscious, or as far away as supporting micro financing for women in underdeveloped countries.  And you may have a lot of things you are passionate about!  Include them all!

2.       What kinds of services and/or products might people be willing to pay you for? People will invest in ways to have more happiness, better relationships, and improved finances.  There are practically an unlimited number of ways that people find to satisfy their desires for a more fulfilled, peaceful and prosperous life.  There are things you know how to do or make that will connect people with their desires.  What are those?

3.       What are you intuitively brilliant at, that you can do naturally and easily? You have brilliances and talents that are a natural part of who you are.  Like a computer that’s hard-wired for certain functions, you are hard-wired to be naturally gifted with numbers, or you empathically connect with animals, or you have a gift for “seeing” how to create order from chaos.  You get the idea.

You now have the beginnings of creating the work your soul is whispering to you about.  Still not sure how to get there?  Here’s a bonus step. Look for where these three lists cross over.  Where are there common elements?  What are the recurring themes?

The more you go within and connect with your inner wisdom and guidance, the more you will find the confidence and sureness about your next steps.  Practical, real world success begins on the spiritual plane.

I’d love to hear what you are deeply passionate about.  Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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