3 Ways to Awaken to Life’s Energy All Around You

I have two school aged children.  Every weekday morning, just after 8, we pile into the car and I drive them to school.  Here in California, school bus service is not a given.  There were no buses where we used to live, so I got used to driving.  They could take the bus here, but it costs extra.  Given the choice, I still drive.

It’s the same route everyday and I see the same sights everyday.  Except one day, I didn’t.

As I came to a corner where I make a right turn, I glanced across the street.  There usually isn’t anyone around, but this day there seemed to be activity everywhere.  Two people were out for an early morning stroll, walking down the access path to the walking trail.  As I started into the turn, I noticed the man who lived on the corner taking his dog for a walk.  A few yards away, a squirrel was scampering near a tree.

Suddenly, the flowers, the plant life, even the trees seemed to become more intensely vivid.  It was as though I was seeing the usually quiet neighborhood scene had suddenly been revealed for what it truly was. a place filled to overflowing with the abundance of life force energy.

For just those few seconds, as I glanced here and there.  I thought, so, this is what it means to be awake to the Life Energy that’s all around.  It was the kind of moment you are outside of, observing, even as you are experiencing it.

It was such a pleasant moment, I smiled to myself as I drove along.

I wondered, can we summon these kinds of moments?  Can we access this level of awareness on demand?  I’d like to think so.  Here are 3 ways we can become more awakened to the energy of Life that is all around us.

Desire. When we decide that we want to be more aware, our desire opens us up.  We begin to use our sixth sense, our soul’s ability to know and feel.  Our intuitive sensibilities become more practiced and proficient.

Seek. Now that you can hear the whisperings of Spirit more clearly, you begin to listen more intently.  Then, you expect to experience the essence of Spirit in the world around you.

Embrace and Welcome it. As you summon life’s energy to make itself know to you, as you become more awake to the vibrancy and aliveness that is everywhere, embrace it and welcome it into your awareness.  Give thanks and marvel at the deliciousness of deep connection with the Divine Universe.

I invite you to practice these 3 ways to awaken and summon Life’s Energy that is all around you.  Listen to your intuitive voice, expect to be amazed, and prepare to experience the Divine!

Let me know what happens!

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