There’s a life you’re meant for. There’s work you’re meant to be doing. Powerfully saying yes to that is an act of Courage. Guiding you there is an act of Love.

I help creative women . . .

. . . learn to stop saying no and start saying yes to their creative urges, to reclaim their sovereignty, and trust their own inner guidance system, letting go of indecision, self-doubt and isolation. Along the way, we find the through line that unites and defines a body of work that’s a reflection of your creative artisan soul.


Ultimately, I help you discover there really is a way to bring together what you do for a living with what you do for your soul, in a way that turns your dream of making a living creatively into a beautiful boutique business.


I take a stand for . . .


. . . practicing courage, living wholeheartedly, with authenticity, compassion and vulnerability.


As women, we make meaning and meet the world through our work.


We work as mothers, sisters, partners, creatives, entrepreneurs, healers, teachers, business owners, mentors and leaders, to name just a few.


We work with our hands, our hearts and our minds. We long to do the work that we feel called to, yet we hesitate. Ironically, that’s what the world most needs from us.


The New Women’s Work  is emerging.


It’s not only purpose driven, creative, and soul nurturing, it’s also sustainable, prosperous and life giving. It’s a reflection of every woman’s own passions, gifts and talents. It’s collaborative, community building, and connection driven.


This is what I know for sure:
We are all brilliant women. When we name and claim the work we’re meant for, extraordinary things become possible.


What I know to be true about the women I work with:

You have a deep love for creating and experiencing beauty. And yet, you feel like the creative artisan in you is at hopeless odds with what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.


The disconnect between who you are on the inside and how your life looks on the outside is becoming greater and greater. You’re not sure how much longer you can go on like this.


You may feel like you’ve lost your way in life, and maybe even yourself, in the quest to do your heart’s work and birth/grow your business. You don’t know how to find your way home to what’s true for you.


You’ve tried to do business by emulating the systems and programs of the successful “experts”, but you’re still struggling and not getting the results you want. One of the biggest fears you have is that, in order to succeed, you’re going to have to leave behind what feels true and authentic for you.


Inspired Women Work is an online community for women artisan entrepreneurs, transformation entrepreneurs and service providers who want to design and grow unique, creative, beauty-infused boutique businesses that are a reflection of their owners’ passions, gifts and talents.


You’ll learn how to bring inspiration, fun and authenticity to your marketing, creating resonance with your ideal customers and clients. You’ll also customize your business with the systems and infrastructure to suit you, your lifestyle and your work.


Here are a few first steps:

1.) Sign up for the Inspired Women Work ezine. You’ll receive access to weekly inspiration, articles and resources to guide you as you grow your business and step more fully into the life you’re meant for.

2.) Get started with a Discovery Session to find out what kind of support you need to get yourself to the next level – in your life and your business. It’s a complimentary one hour conversation where we explore what inspires you, what you dream of and the doubts + fears that are standing between you and those dreams. You’ll leave with a clearer understanding of who you are, what your business needs to grow and thrive and options for making that a reality. Click here to learn more.


My story:aug.15.2014

Much of my life has been a search for a way to satisfy the longing to do more creative work, to live in a way that felt like a truer expression of who I am. I came close in my first career, selling men’s clothing for a well-known specialty retailer.


I loved helping my customers design a signature business style that would express their authenticity and help them achieve their professional goals. I discovered I had a flair for color and design, for visual display and merchandising. As a manager, I marketed my department, planned special events, and trained my staff.


Yet, as great as it was, I had a feeling I couldn’t shake that there was other work I was meant for. I tried several different jobs across different industries. I tried online and offline. I got married and divorced, and in between had two children.


Eventually, life led me back to where I had begun: helping others better express who they truly are, in life and in their work. I became a Life Coach. It felt like what I was meant for.


But I found that, in the beginning, I had a kind of disconnect between my gifts and what I believed the marketplace would accept. I wanted to believe my gifts had value and had a place, but I wouldn’t let myself believe it. And I didn’t believe it was safe to be seen in such an authentic way. Crazy, huh?


I wouldn’t let myself be vulnerable by exposing the essence of me or my magic. I hung out in the shadows of the online business world, never really fully being seen. I hung out in the shadows of life as well. Consequently, everything I tried business wise felt inauthentic and I could never summon up the energy, drive, commitment or passion to follow through.


All of that changed when I made the decision to find a mentor who could guide me to a deeper understanding of my work and business and the people I was meant to serve. Do-it-yourself marketing and business building can only take you so far.


Until then I’d had a vague idea that my business was about guiding women to experience more beauty in their lives and work. But what I discovered I really do is intuitively help you name, claim and call forth the work you’re meant to do. That work is part of a larger heroine’s journey of finding your right place in the world, doing the work that’s aligned with that, and living a simply abundant life.


You are welcome here, whether you’re just answering your soul’s call or you’re further along on your journey. The doors are thrown open. The kettle’s on the boil. There is always an available chair at the table. . . English country house