Can You Create More Time In Your Life?

One year ago, I participated in the blog tour for Marney Makridakis’ best selling book Creating Time. Now we’re all celebrating the one year anniversary with a fabulously fun teleclass event on Thursday, April 18 called “Time Tango 2013”!

Marney has a unique way of combining words, art and spirit to create new possibilities in the realms of life, work and play. If you missed all the fun last year when her book was published, then be sure to join us for a fun teleclass this Thursday.  It will be recorded, so register even if you don’t think you can be on the live call.

I wanted to say something that would give you a sense of the imaginative fun and playfulness that is Marney, but decided in the end that sharing a few of her own words would be the best.

Whether your biggest problem with time is that you are too busy or that you are too bored, it all comes down to the same issue: feeling like time is not on your side, and you’re always on the losing end of the fight against time.

In “Time Tango 2013”, you will learn the keys to your own personal “Tango Tenacity” as you are guided to use ARTsignments™ to dance with time in a whole new way. ARTsignments™ are self-discovery exercises infused with creativity that help us break away from logical, linear thinking, and creatively court new solutions, ideas, and awareness.”

You’ll get to do a little bit of doodling as well as create some spontaneous poetry, learn how to use time to meet life’s challenges, create your very own “Time Muse” as well as receive a followup workbook to continue to learn how to use creativity to shift challenges.

You can get more info and sign up here. I hope you’ll join us!



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