Dare to Let Your Dreams Guide You

Photo Courtesy Nadine Lucas, Flickr.com
Photo Courtesy Nadine Lucas, Flickr.com
I have a favorite quote from the writer, John Updike. He said:
Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.
Without that possibility, we would find it harder to be drawn forward into the future life we want to create for ourselves.
Part of that future life for intrepid, entrepreneurial, enterprising women like us is to spend our time doing work that is creative, fulfilling and profitable. Letting your dreams guide you will help you know when you’ve found your true work.
To give you a helping hand along the way, and a nudge or two of encouragement, here are 10  tips you can use in starting your dream business that helps to make the world a more beautiful place.

Follow your heart. Only you know what your heart’s desire truly is, so it’s up to you to let that knowledge be your ultimate guide.


Know your strengths. Build on what you know, and on the skills you have. They are your foundation. Take some time today to reacquaint yourself with your strengths. Make a list. Ask a trusted friend to tell you what they see as your strengths.


Pursue life with passion. Do the things that light you up from the inside out. You know what those are. We all have them. They are the things that make you feel giddy with pleasure, time becomes suspended, creativity is nurtured. Life is more beautiful simply by virtue of pursuing what delights you.


Be positive in the face of adversity. Like the winter storms that bluster and blow, then move on, adversity will too. It is not here to stay. Your positivity will help you meet your challenges.  Be assured, there will be challenges. And be grateful. It’s the challenges that build up your resilience, make you resourceful and innovative.


Listen to your inner voice and let it guide you. You can always rely on your inner wisdom to keep you headed in the right direction. Your inner guidance system, or intuition, is a direct line of communication with the Divine.  Keep that channel of communication open and clear. The answers to your questions are always available to you.


Know that it’s never too late to be who you’re meant to be. You may just be a late bloomer.  Everything unfolds in its appropriate time for each of us. Nothing we do, or learn, is ever wasted.  Use all that you know, your life experience, and wisdom to transform your dreams into your real life.


Keep moving forward. You may get discouraged, but as long as you are moving in the direction of your dreams, you will get there. Sometimes it will feel as if it’s not worth it. It will feel as if it’s never going to happen. Keep moving. Especially in your moments of discouragement. Even if it’s just small, incremental steps, you will still be moving forward.


Believe that anything is possible. Because it is!


Be courageous. Courage is a way of acting on the belief you have in yourself. It’s that belief that supports you in moving forward, even when facing fear. You believe you can do what needs to be done, and then you are able to do it. As you move ahead, in spite of fear, you experience the transformation that waits for you on the other side.


Stay curious. New opportunities will appear. Being open to them, ready to explore them and take advantage of them, will take you a long way towards your dreams.  Sometimes we get focused on the one way we imagine we’re going to achieve our objective. That’s the way it’s going to happen, we say.  Yet, if we are open and stay curious to what’s possible, even better opportunities can appear.  Resources that we didn’t know about that shorten our learning curves become available.  We get introduced to people who are the perfect collaborators or teachers for us. Stay curious and inquisitive.


I hope you find these tips helpful. What are your dreams?  What kind of work do you imagine doing, if you’re not already doing it now? I’d love to know your thoughts.


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