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When you are in the midst of life and career transition and want to create the kind of work that makes your heart glad and expresses your purpose in the world, these three elements are essential:

1. Connection to Spirit. Remembering that you are a spark of the Divine is the first step to healing the illusion of separateness that governs your life.  There is a Universal Energy Matrix, connecting you with the Divine and with the world at large.  Spirit is ready and eager to be aligned with you and give you the support and guidance you seek.  And by accessing your inner guidance system, your personal channel to Divine Spirit, you have access to the unseen realms and the intelligence and wisdom that awaits you there.


2. Wholeness of Heart and Soul. When you heal your heart and make peace with your past, you begin to heal your inner divisions and move closer to wholeness of Spirit.  But there is another energetic shift that has been awakening within you.  It’s what is behind your restlessness, your urge to create change and your desire for something more.  It is the revival of the spirituality of creativity.  It is your Divine Feminine Energy.  When you honor, embrace and join together your feminine and masculine energies, you heal your soul and lay claim to your whole self.


3. Alignment With Your Soul’s Purpose. Understanding your soul’s purpose is about who you will be as much as what you will do.  You are a unique and brilliant woman, and there is work for you to do in the world that only you can do.  When you are in alignment with your strengths, knowledge, passions and purpose, it becomes possible to shift the paradigm of work from making a living to one of making a difference and living with meaning.


Do you feel you sometimes have one or two of these working in your life at any given time, but never all three, and never consistently?

Have you ever felt the excitement and joy of “in-the-flow” forward momentum when all three are present?  That feeling that everything is effortlessly coming together, doors to opportunities appear, relationships are rich and rewarding, and connections are easy?

It’s called the Magic of Life.

When Connection, Wholeness, and Alignment are present and integrated into your life, you experience Living in the Magic of Life.

And what is the Magic of Life?

Living in the Magic of Life is when you live into your soul’s purpose by blending who you are, what you do and what your soul calls you to, empowering you to confidently and powerfully offer your inspired work to the world.  When you awaken to your soul’s purpose, you also awaken to the deeper connection to the Creative Life Force, which is flowing within you and throughout all of Creation.  When you are living here, the Universe supports you in fully expressing and bringing forth into the world your originality, authenticity and unique brilliance.

Without this feeling of coming home to the essence of your most authentic self, you feel restless, incomplete and unable to settle.


Case Study
Reconnecting With Your Brilliance Changes Everything.
One client was frustrated and unhappy with her life and circumstances.  She wanted to make a change and knew she had greater potential than she was using in her present situation.  She also had bigger dreams that she was keeping under wraps.  She reconnected with her creativity, made peace with her past and started to embrace a deeper sense of self-worth.  As she became kinder, happier and more forgiving, she started finding an abundance of these qualities in other people.  The world became a place of wonderful possibilities and opportunities.

The result? She found the courage to go after a job more in line with her dreams, even though it was out of her area of expertise.  She’s now doing work that feels more aligned with her purpose and passions.  She’s gone from frustrated and burned out to feeling challenged and motivated again.  She says it is opening doors for her everywhere, from the people she meets to new career possibilities.  Everyday her dreams become bigger, while at the same time she feels more fulfilled and joyful.


If what you want is a thriving, authentic and empowered life doing work that allows you to make a positive difference in the world, then I invite you to taste for yourself the deliciousness of what Inspired Women Work does.  Transition, and all of its changes, is the catalyst for transformation.  Within that transformation lies the gift of what’s true for you.  Inspired Women Work can provide you with the guidance and support to discover your true calling, find more fulfillment, achieve more, and make contributions that matter.


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I look forward to seeing your dreams come to life as you express your purpose and work in the world.

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