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Who Is Inspired Women Work here to help?

Many women in the midst of life and career transitions face similar challenges. Your story is uniquely yours, but the themes are common amongst us.  See if any of these are familiar to you:

  • You find yourself facing a crossroads, with no markers, and no idea of which path or direction to pursue. You realize that change is part of life.  But this transition, whether it’s the upheaval in your work life, or an ending to a relationship, was completely unexpected and has thrown you off balance.  You’d like to have a clear vision of your future and a map to get your there.
  • You’re not sure how to define yourself anymore. It’s no longer enough to be someone’s wife, mother, or employee.  You know you can’t go back to the way your life used to be, but you’re not sure how to go forward.  You feel confused and afraid.  You’d like to have more clarity so you could make decisions with confidence.
  • There’s got to be more to life than the same old daily round. You find yourself feeling irritable and annoyed by the littlest things.  You’re dismayed to realize it’s becoming a constant and growing anger about everything.  You know that living a joy filled life is possible.  And you’d like to believe there’s someone who can show you the path to happiness.
  • You secretly dream of doing deeply meaningful work that allows you to “follow your bliss”, but you wonder if it’s really possible. Even before your life began to unravel a bit around the edges, you had a desire for something more.  In your most private moments, you dreamed of creating more meaning, purpose and fulfillment in your life through the work you did.  You want to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day, knowing the work you do fills your heart with gladness and matters in a bigger way than just paying the bills.
  • You recognize you have greater potential than you are using. Your innermost knowing tells you that you are a creative, intelligent and talented woman.  You have gifts and brilliances that are waiting to be tapped into and shared fully with the world.  But you also think, “who am I to do great work?”  You’d love to have the inner strength, motivation and belief that give you the confidence to achieve your goals, realize your dreams and live up to your potential.
  • You recognize this is a critical time for you. You’re afraid that if you don’t act now, that maybe another opportunity won’t come along.  It’s scary, feeling that life might be passing by and leaving you behind.  It feels overwhelming making life-changing decisions all on your own.  You realize that within this experience of transition is the perfect time to reach for the connection to something bigger.  You want to feel and know that Spirit is there to lead, guide and inspire you, awakening your innermost wisdom and guidance.


No matter which of these situations sounds familiar, I can help you.

My clients and program participants have been women from around the world, living a variety of experiences:

  • starting a business
  • self-employed
  • corporate employees
  • government employees
  • divorced
  • married
  • empty nesters
  • working moms
  • newly single
  • creatives
  • healers & teachers
  • awakening entrepreneurs


So, what is possible for you?

Having worked consistently with women who are longing to live more creative, authentic lives doing the heart-centered work they secretly dream of, I’ve discovered there is an inner and outer process that guides you to the sense of deep self-knowing and worth, and the feeling of “in-the-flow” forward momentum that carries you from the present into the rest of your life.

I can help you to confidently step into who you truly are, and bring forth into the world your originality, authenticity and unique brilliance, so you can live that life you yearn to live.


But will it work for you?

It will, if you feel alignment and resonance with the following statements:

  • You believe you have a purpose and you’re not sure what it is. You want to know your soul’s divine purpose and calling.  You are eager to put it into the world, because you know your work is your soul’s purpose made visible.
  • You know there’s more to life than the material world you see. You believe that God, or Spirit, is as real as the tangible material world of time and space.  You realize that Spirit is always leading, guiding and inspiring you.  You are ready to reach out and make the deeper connection and experience an awakening of your innermost wisdom and guidance.
  • You’re ready to say “yes!” to your potential. You hear the call to be your greatest self and you want to feel confident in answering.  You‘re ready to tap into the inner strength, motivation and belief that will give you the confidence to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.  You have the courage to go after work that is more in line with your dreams.
  • You know there are powerful universal laws and spiritual principles available to support your success. Even when things don’t go right or you have a bad day, you know you can reconnect with the Energetic Stream. You are ready to become the creator of your own reality, capable of living a remarkable life of achievement and contribution.  Creating an unshakeable emotional foundation and inner connection to Spirit that carries you through the present moments and into the rest of your life is a priority.
  • You feel the awakening of your Divine Feminine Spirit. You feel called to contribute to the energetic healing of the world, whether it’s doing spiritual work, facilitating personal or family empowerment, or conscious living, you want to help the world move into wholeness of heart and spirit.
  • You value community with like-minded women. Making the connection with other women creates a circle of support and shared wisdom.  You know that shared experiences make life’s journey more joyful, satisfying and fun.

If this is you, find out how you can gracefully turn life’s transitions into powerful and deep transformation that allows you to create the work you secretly dream of doing and live the authentic, fulfilled life you yearn for.  Grab my free audio report
“7 Essential Keys to Gracefully Turn Transition Into Soul Satisfying Transformation”.

Then, you may be wondering how this all works.  See for yourself.
Check out How It Works.


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