Learning How to Use Play and Creativity to Manifest a Meaningful Life

We meet the world through the work we do. You may have heard the saying that play is a child’s work. Children have an intuitive urge to play. It’s how they discover their world, make sense of it and their place in it. It helps them develop their imagination and social skills.
Play is important.
As the demands of our fast-paced, results and achievement oriented culture take over our lives, play is retreating from the playground. Kids are playing less these days than ever before, and that’s not a good thing. Lack of play is creating children who are distracted, exhausted and look for ways to time out by tuning out.
And then they grow up. They become us; adults who have forgotten, or overlooked, the value that play offers to reconnect us to our world and our lives. We overlook play as nothing but a diversion to fill the space and time between work and life’s other responsibilities.
Hop Skip Jump_cvr.inddThe very essence of play is life-enhancing and creativity inducing. What’s more, it’s an integral ingredient in the manifestation process, as Marney Makridakis explains in her new book, “Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life”.
Who knew?
When we allow ourselves to feel playful, to be playful in our approach to life, it connects us to a sense of creative flow. Work feels easier. Productivity increases. And momentum, that critical element that fuels success, increases. Combining a sense of purpose with play allows us to mindfully tap into play as a way to connect to a deeper sense of meaning.
Our work becomes our play. Our play becomes our work.
The more deeply I explored Marney’s ideas and resources in “Hop, Skip, Jump”, the more excited I became at all the ingeniously simple ways to bring play into my everyday life! A sampling of some of them includes: creating your own Reset Button for your belief system to press anytime you feel the need to align with a new belief; learning Modular Manifesting so you can follow your energy, taking steps that will build on each other towards your goal, just not necessarily in a sequential linear order; using Creative Cartography to make a map as you Skip around trying new things, functioning as an organic document that lives, breathes and changes with you, documenting your feelings, thoughts and ideas. There are 72 more imaginative ideas like these.
The three playful manifestation phases Marney shares are from the common expression, “a hop, skip, and a jump”. Hopping is the imaginative exploration of ideas, beliefs or impulses. Skipping is experimenting, getting started, exploring. Jumping is about quickly moving into inspired action. We all have personal strengths and inclinations when it comes to manifesting. To help you determine your natural style, Marney created and included in the book the “Quirky Quiz” to help you discover “your manifesting moves”. You can also access it here.
I tend to spend the most time in the Hopping phase. I love the planning, visioning and multitude of possibilities that can be imagined. The thing to beware of for naturally inclined Hoppers is staying too long in the Hopping mode. There’s a fine line between visioning and over-thinking something that leads to self-doubt. Good to know! Now, as I learn more about Skipping and how to shift the energy of exploration from the ideas in my head to trying out the ideas, I can begin to create momentum even before getting to the Jump phase, which is all about taking inspired action.
Once you know where and how you naturally play, it’s good to also play in the other two phases of the manifestation process. There are 25 different playful tools in each phase that will help you blend play and playfulness into your everyday life and work. You will learn how to knock through blocks of belief (literally!), support your goals and crystalize your aspirations.
Marney has included wisdom, fun facts, whimsical anagrams and acronyms and other fun throughout the book. Why, you may ask? To create momentum, she says. Because “if you’re smiling, you won’t pay attention to how many pages you’ve read or how much you’re learning. That is what momentum is all about. Momentum comes from moments, those amazing moments when you are so engaged you don’t even realize you are being productive.”
Here are a few of the nuggets of wisdom I came away with:


  • When we play we get more done.
  • Play is the portal to presence.
  • Play is how you connect with the magic and enchantment of being human.
  • What moves us emotionally quite literally moves us to action.
  • Play connects us to the power of momentum which is the fuel of the manifestation process.
  • Play is instinctive.
  • When you tap into the power of play, the Spirit of Adventure is at your side and you become an Artist of Possibility.


As wonderful as play sounds as the way to transform projects and goals into journeys of ease and simplicity, do keep in mind it’s not a magic pill. In any project, goal, or dream there are going to inevitably be things you don’t want to do. A playful perspective is so helpful when resistance threatens to maroon you in the middle of NoWhere. The 75 ideas in this book will help you find your way to spontaneity and adventure, which will be very handy as you move through the mundane.
This book is your blueprint for combining work and play into a single approach to creating and manifesting with more fun, joy and ease. Crafting the life you want – from the work you do to your home to your family to money, and more – all can be achieved with a little Hop, Skip and a Jump!



To get your copy of Marney’s book, take the quiz and find out more about how to infuse your life and work with play, creativity and meaning, go here. There are other goodies as well!



Disclaimer: I am reviewing this book as part of the Hop, Skip, Jump Blog Celebration. I received a copy of the book from the publisher and am listed on Artella Land’s roster of 75 featured blogs. My opinions are my own.

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