Myth of The Perfect Life

Even though we all know there’s no such thing as the perfect life, we still think that with just a little bit of planning, organization, and sheer willpower, we too can have the ideal relationship, beautiful, smart children who keep their rooms clean, the impeccably decorated home, as well as the career that supports us in the fashion to which we want to become accustomed.  Oh, and don’t forget hosting cozy weekend getaways for friends and family at the house in the country.

We know it’s not real, it’s not even the life we would choose if somehow it could magically be ours.

But how many times have you found yourself critically reviewing your own life and beating yourself up for coming up short?  You place impossible demands upon yourself, expecting to know how to do everything on your own, then feeling guilty when you don’t.

If this sounds like you, then don’t despair. None of us gets through life on our own.  We all give and receive help along the way.  It’s what keeps us connected.  And knowing how to ask for and receive support , whether spiritually, emotionally, physically or mentally, allows others to be generous with their gifts.

And the perfection you seek in someone else’s definition of life will always be an imperfect fit.  Rather, your perfect life will come in creating what’s true for you, and embracing all that resonates with your deepest vibration.

So, now that you know you need help, and it’s okay to get it, what’s next?
Now you get to look for help.
Inspired Women Work was created as a resource with different types of help for your life and work.  Your soul’s calling is sacred.  Your life is a beautiful work in progress.

I don’t expect you to trust your dreams with me now, but I’d like to offer you a chance to get to know me and see if what I offer resonates with you.  That’s why I’ve created a number of free resources for you on my website, so you can explore here and there and see what calls to you.

Where to get startedIf you haven’t yet, download your free audio report, “7 Keys to Gracefully Turn Transition Into Soul Satisfying Transformation”. You’ll receive your audio within moments and be on your way.

Then, take a look around my site.  There is lots here. You’ll find articles on the blog, information and resources.  I’ll be adding more free resources, so check back often.

As always, please feel free to contact me at any time with any of your questions or concerns.

Rich Blessings to You,

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