The Myth of The Perfect Life

It started in the 70’s.  This idea that women could have business suit careers, create beautiful homes for their families and take care of their kids as well as “their man”, without ever breaking a nail.  I was reminded of a famous commercial on American television from that era that pretty much sums it up.

A bit of a jolt to watch 40 years later.  But the sentiment of a somehow perfect life of “having it all” lingers.  Accomplished. Sexy. Smart.  Great husband. Beautiful smart kids. 

Even though we all know there’s no such thing as the perfect life, we still think that with just a little bit of planning, organization, and sheer willpower, we too can have the ideal relationship, beautiful, smart children who keep their rooms clean, the impeccably decorated home, as well as the career that supports us meaningfully. Oh, and don’t forget hosting cozy weekend getaways for friends and family at the house in the country.


If your path through this world has been anything like mine, your life is a pale shadow of this perfect picture.  And honestly?  It’s not even the life we would choose if somehow it could magically be ours.

But how many times have you found yourself critically reviewing your own life and beating yourself up for coming up short?  You place impossible demands upon yourself, expecting to know how to do everything on your own, then feeling guilty when you don’t.  You expect that you should be a better mom, a better cook, a better crafter, wife, designer, a better whatever. 

You expect that you should easily be able to figure out the whole work thing.  You want to change careers. You know you’re worth more, so why don’t you look for something better?  Or you know you want to go your own way, but keep hesitating to take steps to make “the perfect career” yours.

What if we are asking the wrong questions? 

What if we are pursuing the wrong dream?  What if it’s not the perfect life that we’re after, but the Authentic, Real Version of Our Life that is the real dream come true?

The perfection you seek in someone else’s definition of life will always be an imperfect fit.  Click to Tweet  That goes for your personal life as well as your work life.  Rather, your perfect life will come in creating what’s true for you, and embracing all that resonates with your deepest vibration.

You are an artist. You are creating every day of your life.  What, you ask?  You. You are creating You.  Your life is a beautiful work in progress.

Imagining, designing and crafting a way to work that blends your creativity, purpose, talents and gifts in a meaningful and fun way is part of your Perfect Life.

What else do you want?  Dismiss for just a moment the doubts and fears that whisper “you can’t have what you want”.  We can talk about dealing with those another day.  Just for now, though, I want you to set them aside and imagine what else is essential for you to feel you have your very own perfect life.

It’s probably a far cry from mine, or your best friend’s, or your neighbor’s.  Keep imagining.  The more you do the closer you will get to designing it and crafting it.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – share them with me below.










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