Through The Lens of Love

valentine_postcard_0005Today was Valentine’s Day.  It’s the day when, traditionally, lovers remember each other with special gifts of remembrance and tokens of love.  It has expanded from its more narrow definition of a day to celebrate romantic love to become a day of honoring love in all its many guises.  Across the vastness of cyberspace today, messages of love, inspirational quotes and stories of the power of love were shared.

It’s been very inspiring!

And, of course, you know how the energy and feelings you focus on keep growing and magnifying.  So there I was, today, continuing to feel good and be open to receiving all the “love vibes” flowing my way.  And wanting to flow them right back at you all, remembering why I want to do the work that I do.  Because I love to see people find their authenticity, and experience the beauty of the well-lived life.

As Julia Cameron says, “Love is the substance of all life. Everything is connected in love, absolutely everything.”  It’s when we remember to filter everything through this lens of love that we find answers to our questions, reassurance when we have doubts, and remembrance of what we value and treasure most.

And as if all of this isn’t already enough of a reason for a very glad and full heart every February 14th, I am blessed with another reason to celebrate the power of love today.  Valentine’s Day is also the birthday of one of my boys.  Each of my children is love personified.  They remind me constantly of the unfathomable depths of Divine Love.  And celebrating one of their birthdays on Valentine’s Day, the Day of Love, is so appropriate, and so delightful each year!

So, however you celebrated Love today – whether it was romantic, familial, for dear friends or even for those unknown to you personally – I hope you felt the Love you sent out come back to you tenfold.

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