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This book was a great read on learning how to market and brand yourself. The best part is Gary Vee breaks it down in its simplest form and you can tell he does this from his heart. From the success stories compiled in this updated version of Crush It this book shows a wide variety of people and businesses and the steps they have used to get to the top. Great read i highly recommend this to anyone out there not just inspiring entrepreneurs but this book is for everyone

Wowza! I consider myself a bit more knowledgeable than most (but certainly no financial wizard.) I was concerned that this book would be written for the (seemingly) many who have not prepared at all. But per usual, Ms. Orman delivers to BOTH audiences (the prepared and the not), in an easy to understand conversational style. She connects the dots of scraps of information that we all hear but are not 100% sure we understand, and answers the questions that linger in our minds and create uncertainty/fear. I like that she is very clear that she advocates for certain things (rather than just posing a variety of options and providing no direction). Ah….. feel SO much better and more confident now!!! This 55 year old lady WILL be ready for retirement. Great book. Really worth the investment.

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